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ITSM - What is it? Introduction to IT Service Management
ITSM, or IT service management, is a dynamic way to manage all IT services in a way that meets the needs of a business and mitigate problems. It ensures that a business gets exactly what they want out of their IT service. It does this by creating communication channels that go beyond paper and screens. In this video, you will learn what ITSM is and how it can help businesses of any size. SysAid is a company that can provide the software and training that will allow you to incorporate IT service management into your business.

Today, Sarah will teach you about IT service management in an entertaining and comprehensive way. You do not need to be an IT professional or have a business degree to understand or implement these valuable techniques. All you need is a desire to save money and help your business run more efficiently.

Many ITSM techniques provided by SysAid, come from ITIL. ITIL is a set of practices that were compiled into several books in 1989. Certain strategies of IT service management are likely already in practice in your business. Some of these may include incident management and request fulfillment.

Without ITSM, your business is likely suffering from activities that are inconsistently undertaken, only done when you have extra time. Some other common problem that this can fix are processes that are not formalized, interconnected, or haven't incorporated the industry best practices. Additionally, SysAid provides fit-for-purpose ITSM technology, making all aspects of your IT service faster and less manually intensive.
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IT Service Management Tutorial | What Is ITSM? | ITIL Foundation Training | Simplilearn

This video on 'IT Service Management' will take you through everything you need to know about the concept of IT service management. ITSM is the practice of delivering IT services and supporting internal customers with the help of people, processes and technology. The video will also cover concepts like what is ITIL, what is ITSM, key concepts of ITSM and the ITIL service lifecycle.

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ITIL® 4 Foundation is the most widely acknowledged entry-level ITIL certification available for IT professionals. This newest training for the ITIL framework is designed to introduce learners to the management of modern IT-enabled services, including key concepts and common language used in the ITIL services lifecycle, how lifecycle stages are linked, processes involved, and best practices for improving the quality of IT services across the IT organization.

What are the career benefits of this ITIL® 4 Certification?
ITIL® certification is one of the primary requirements for professionals who want to learn and understand the fundamental concepts of ITIL frameworks to enhance the quality of IT Service Management. ITIL certified professionals can earn 40 per cent more than their non-certified peers. This ITIL certification is best suited for:
- IT executives
- IT architects
- Business operation managers
- IT audit managers
- IT planners and consultants
- Database administrators
- ITSM trainers
- Service delivery professionals
- Quality analysts
- Application management and development teams
- IT managers and support managers

What are the course objectives?
ITIL® 4 is the latest release of the ITIL framework, designed to provide a more practical viewpoint to the ITIL lifecycle with best practices from other complementary platforms such as Agile, DevOps and Lean. The objective of this course is to provide a foundational level of understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, key elements, concepts and terminologies associated with ITIL service lifecycle, and how it has evolved to adopt modern technologies and operational processes. The course covers all necessary concepts in the service management framework to support candidates studying for the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Exam.

What skills will you learn?
Upon completion of this ITIL Certification training you will learn:
- Concepts, key principles and process models required to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation exam.
- How ITIL principles can help an individual understand and apply IT service management in their organization.
- How to improve customer experience and ITSM efficiency with the help of ITIL tools and techniques.
- The purposes and key terms of 15 ITIL practices.
- Industry best practices for deploying IT services.

Below are the topics explained in this ITIL tutorial:
1. What is ITIL? - 00:36
2. Why ITIL? - 04:02
3. ITIL Service Lifecycle - 06:23
4. Quiz - 29:45

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What is ITIL (and ITSM)? Project Management in Under 5

If you ever need to manage an IT project - or any project with a strong IT element - you are bound to come up against the need for ongoing IT Service Management (or ITSM). And, for many organizations, this means getting to grips with the basics of ITIL.

So, what is ITIL, and (ITSM)?

Here, Dr Mike Clayton, founder of, answers this question, in under 5 minutes.

For more detail and downloadable versions of the diagrams, check out our article, 'ITIL for Project Managers - Should You?' It will give you a full introduction to ITIL and ITSM, and an interview with one of the authors of versions 1, 2, and 3: Ivor McFarlane.

And if you are interested in the ITIL Foundation qualification, our 55-video online course gives you all that, and quizzes, educational games, and sample papers. But best of all, it's resented by Ivor McFarlane, and the first 22 videos are FREE - you won't even need to give your email!

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